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Cancer reoccured with in three months

I was operated for BSC in April & radiation completed on 24/06/16. All was going ok except sever weakness & breathlessness.. Oncologist advised to take care & it will be over in due course of time. My weight is pumping up as well. During this period if I take little stress fever used to appear & later on Headache. Headache used to be very sever that had to take paracetamol but all in vain. Showed to Neurologist & he advised CT & here i caught again followed by PET CT in the brain. Am in fix.. Doctors has advised radiation whole brain for two weeks then followed by chemo.. This procedure is entirely different & unable to set my mind. The question is where we lacked & why reoccurred so fast. Please guide.

Thanks & regards

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Its really disturbing to hear. Whats your age? What were the previous reports. Is it was metastic or local spread


Am 57 years old & doctor says it's initial so will start with 2 weeks whole brain radiation. After that may have to go for chemo after test. These radiation are different & symptoms are different. Very tough to compromise. Don't know how this too shall pass.

Kindly feedback if any.



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