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Adjuvant Radiation in breast conservation - technology /price point

What are the benefit of TomoTherapy in Adjuvant Radiation in breast conservation case compared to IGRT or IMRT or any other technology used in India (please name them, 3D-CR )?

There is a price difference of 10% between Tomo and IGRT, both of these are estimated around 3L for 5.5 weeks. If I remember correctly Doctors in St John Medical college mentioned much lesser (below 1L) price for radiation, which was 4 month back (not sure which technology they use) .

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3 D CRT is the standard Treatment.. Fancy radiation techniques like IMRT, IGRT have not been proven to be superior as yet and it is still the subject of being experimented across the world. Currently, it's the cost and high profit market and marketing which is driving the trend. But currently there are limited indications for these techniques in patients with large breasts, where heart received too much of radiation, structural deformities of chest, where it is justified for use.

The 90k to 1 lakh treatment does as good as the 3-4 lakh treatment.

Cannot simply explain all the imrt IGRT tomorrow principles and it's differences on forum...perhaps..have a consultation with Radiation Oncologist and ask them pros and cons of either approach and the toxicity and side effects profile etc


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Thanks a lot! It will help me to focus and what is important.


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