Help a girl out please 😊

Hello my name is joe i am 21 and i have found a lump under my left breast it is sore at times and at other times i would get stabbing pains from the lump up to my shoulder and there are really sore but they also come and go throught out the day, does anyone know what this may be i have had it for a while now. Please help a girl out 😊

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  • Hi Stenny, there is so many reason for lumps and most of the time it's benign and can be I don't think so there is any need to get worry but its better to discuss with breast specialist..hope all will be fine..



  • From what you describe, this does not seem to be a major problem at all; it will go away on it's own whether you treat it or not. If cancer is what is bothering you, this is not cancer at all, don't worry. The best advice which we could give you is, if your symptoms persist, you could consult your doc just to reassure that all is well. As far as the pain is concerned, if it becomes too severe, you could take a pain killer temporarily to tide over the crisis.

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