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Medicines recycle

Cancer medicines are too expensive.In many cases one is left with good number of tablets when disease starts progressing.Medicine is then replaced with new regime of drug.

I was thinking of starting a medicine bank where you can send your surplus only cancer medicine.If some one has a requirement& if there is medicine in stock, I will arrange to courier the same free of charge.A copy of prescription my be necessary.

Let me have your opinion

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Its a good idea - lets start with


This a very good suggestion Lamchee... We should start...

I lost my mom 3 years back with Breast Cancer.. I was left with all her medicines so many unopened.. I really wanted to give them to someone in need.. but I didn find anyone.. Finally I had to throw it off coz medicines got expired...

It also happens that sometimes we end up buying medicine and we don't use it.. When Dr says only if required take medicine.. SOS... In such cases also we can send it to ur medicine bank...

Let's see what Dr and others have to say on this...


Lamchee salute to your idea...its really wonderful

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Yes its a wonderful idea. We have sooo many unused medicines. Have tobultimately throw them and they are pretty expensive. Let's execute the plan. You have my full support. I don't mind being a part of it fully.


We can probably give away these medicines to the needy who cant afford it. There are a lot of people out there who can get cured but they die because of their poor background. So of whatever help we can be at our level.


Certainly a welcoming idea. This thought would certainly provide a low cost or free, patent protected medicine to poor people who cannot afford to buy medicines.

Here in Ontario we have a program called OMRP, Ontario Medications Return Program, where we can return unused medicines / expired medicines for either reuse or disposal. Not sure if such program exists in India. There are lot of requirements around this program and these programs provide health product industries with a collective means of adhering to requirements of Ontario legislation act

Some facts to think about

1. Need and how many needy people are willing to take reused medicine?

2. Expiry date.

3. Technology to store the medicine for ensuring safety and potency and foremost

4. environmental impact while disposing expired medicine.

Let us wait for the medical professionals in this forum to provide their opinion




In the United States there are very strict laws about passing on medications from the person they were prescribed to to anyone else. Some people have been able to donate medications and supplies through their hospice nurse or to a free clinic or to a veterinary hospital. Please wait for the doctors to comment. This would be great if it could be implemented, but you don't want to end up on the wrong side of the law trying to do a good thing!




So glad to see you.

How are you!

How is your treatment going on?

Love your spirit to see you here.

Wishing you speedy recovery.


So far treatments are going well with no bad reactions - the biggest issues with this treatment. For anyone else reading, this is treatment for my leukemia - one of the newly approved monoclonal antibodies, not chemo. What is exciting is that some of the newly approved treatments for leukemias and lymphomas are now in trials for several other types of cancer, including breast cancer, and are showing promising results. These treatments work by blocking pathways to the cancers, causing them to die. They also are not chemo, so do not do the damage that many chemos do. They are new, so no one knows down the road if other issues will arise, but this is a very exciting time in cancer research.



All the best Pat.

Wishing you fast recovery.


Please start the bank even I have unused medicines valid till 2016 which are pretty expensive and can be given to BC patients . I can courier the medicines to you.


Ok.I declare the start of bank.We had formed what's app group.I need the number.Sone one please advice.


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