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BRCA Testing Essentials and Guidelines anyone?

We do not have our BRCA test results yet, but if one is to test BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 Positive (there is BRCA mutation), then what are the recommended surgical guidelines 1) For the breasts 2) for the Ovaries (and fallopian tubes) 3) Any other guidelines and precautions. Perhaps those that have been tested and have been through the counselling sessions will have a good grasp of this subject matter. Kindly share your experience and thoughts.

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There is a fair bit of explanation involved here. I had a good copy of guidelines, which has explained in a nice manner all the possible interventions which can be done. Give me a day, I will forward it to you. Once you read them, then we can solve any doubt you may have further.


Sure Sumeet. Thanks. You get various opinions from even professionals on this so it does get to be a confusing topic when such decision and prevention methods are so critical. There may be some NCCN guidelines on this subject also. Take care and please take your time. Look forward to hearing from you. d-


For those undertaking BRCA 1,2 Testing, Here is a great documentary / video which discusses how one goes through many difficult life decisions. It's important to have information in your hands to take decisions that impact your life, and therefore, for those faced with the test, this video may speak to you.

In the Family, from: Joanna Rudnick


Thanks for sharing the documentary, m2b2, it is very helpful. Especially for people in India where genetic testing is in an infancy stage


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