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Friends, I have to share regarding the purchase of Biceltius from Adline Store, Kolkata. Since my Mother is under Herceptin for 1 year (16 - 18) dose, Previously, I use to purchase Biceltius from two stores, One from Purvi Pharma and other from Shiv Shivam, Kolkata at Rs. 56000 - 58000. This time one of my relative recommended Adline Store and ask to try. Adline is in front of Tahkurpukur Cancer Hospital and to my surprise the store manager quoted the sum of Rs.51000 if I Purchase 3 doses in a lot. The contact no is 9831041904. If any one need Biceltius at Kolkata they can try this store since there is a cool saving of Rs. 5000 - 6000 per dose.

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Attul thanks for sharing it will be of a great help to the members from Kolkata


It is very helpful.Thanks a lot


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