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Problems with Health Unlocked

I am not receiving posts from the Breast Cancer site or the CLL site which I belong to. This has been an issue on and off with the CLL site since they changed to this organization - I assumed the change was the problem - but it seems to be a problem elsewhere as well with Health Unlocked. If I get to a page it will show the most recent posts, but when I go back to look at the next posts it only shows older posts.

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I also was not receiving the posts. I checked my profile, and in the email settings section, by default, the selection for email when a new post comes up is off. So I ticked it and now I get notification when a new post is made. However, I do not get notifications, when there are replies to the post, and I have to check manually. Anyways, I will still be discussing with the HU team.

I also wished if we could create sections. Like section on chemotherapy, section on radiation etc. It would make searching easier.


The CLL Support Association did create sections when they changed to HU. I don't know if they are working well, as I seem to be getting everything one day and then a few days of not getting anything. I will ask who was involved in that part of setting up the site. Perhaps someone there can help you get the same thing going here. Several people there, including me, have had trouble getting posts regularly. I will check my settings. maybe that is the issue for all of us. Thank you.



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