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cost of one chemo does it differ so much from Rs 12,000/- to 75,000/-

We have one family friend whose mother is going through chemo for triple negative. She has shared that initially she was advised 8 chemos with a cost of app 12,000/- She has completed 6 cycles - but now she is adivsed by her doctors that the next cycles will cost her 75000/- each with 6 cycles more - when asked the reason - it is informed 75000/- chemo will be less painful.

Doctor is there anything difference or justification why it is so? Even to my sister the doctor has advised to come at meet after her 3rd chemo. Again tense whether we will be asked for the same treatment. At present we are paying app 21000/- for each chemo cycle (including the medicines/tablets) which is given for 5 days

My sister is taking FEC90 - is advised 6 chemo cycles out of which 2 completed. Is that her cycles will increase? What is the reason for increasing the cycles and cost .

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The cost of chemo varies from drug to drug.

A standard FEC would cost somewhere around Rs. 8000 to 10000.

But other drugs may be costly. Docetaxel, for example, which is also given in chemotherapy, especially for those who have disease positive in nodes, costs much more.

So the cost of chemo depends from drug to drug.

Besides, each drug is manufactured by a number of companies. Epirubicin, for example, may be available for as less as Rs. 3000, from smaller, unknown companies, whereas the Epirubicin from best company would cost around Rs. 6500 or so (depending on dose, again).

One more thing I can add here.

For those patients, where disease has not gone into nodes, a standard 6 cycle FEC may be fine

For those patients, who have disease positive in nodes, a combination of Epirubicin (The 'E' of FEC) and Paclitaxel or Docetaxel is better. Some doctors give first 4 cycles of EC and then 4 cycles of 3 weekly paclitaxel (or 12 weekly paclitaxel), whereas others give 3 cycles of FEC followed by 3 cycles of Docetaxel. Both are fine.

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Dear Dr Sumeet Shah

In Mumbai which hospital is better for chemo injection treatment. Because I am from middle class family


Dear Sir I have the same problem please suggest


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