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Advice please


Advice please, I’m do my annual checkup, but due to there being no flights, and my husband and I thought we were both safer in Cyprus we stayed, I can buy my medication here( Letrozole) but my 5 years is up soon, and was told might have to stay on it for 10 years, do you think I should just carry on the same, taking letrozole, or stop, or carry on until I get back to Uk,

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Were you told that you would be on it for ten years? Then you need to carry on.

There is now an NHS app. Try registration on it (you need passport and a mobile phone plus the details of your surgery) and then see if you can contact your gp through it.

No, I was told might, but I’ll try to find the app. Thank you

The current guidance for letrozole and other similar drugs is that we need to take them for 10 years. I’d keep taking it! I’m on tamoxifen but the same applies.

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Thank you, that’s what I will do.

Hi I would carry on taking them until you are told not to x I have been on tamoxifen for 5 years and letrazole for 5 years in December and if they said carry I would willingly even though the side effects are not good I think it is a Benefit to my keeping things at bay x good luck x

Thank you, I’m going to do that.x

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