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Concerned husband seeking advice


Hello. Around two weeks ago, my wife went to our local breast clinic following a referral from her GP after finding two lumps in her left breast. I was unable to go with her, but apparently she was not given a mammogram or ultrasound, like I presumed she would be. She was only examined and told that the lumps were just "normal boob lumps", whatever that means. I am unhappy that she was not given a scan and remain anxious that she has been misdiagnosed and does indeed have something more serious going on. Am I right to feel this way or am I being paranoid? Do the experts know best or should I drag her back up to the clinic for a scan?

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I would have thought the people at the clinic are experts. However, if you are still unhappy, return to the GP and suggest to be re referred. Best of luck to your wife.

I think I would push for a mammogram at the very least. The diagnostic tests are there to support doctors to diagnose accurately and to make sure nothing has been missed so would make sense to do them. For your own and your wife’s peace of mind ask gp for re referral. Good Luck Carolyn

Trust your instincts, as for a second opinion, mammogram and ultrasound, to put both your minds at rest, good luck.xx

Please push for a mammogram if the lumps are suspect they can start treatment if they are found to be "normal" whatever that means at least you get peace of mind please dont be put off and fingers crossed all will be fine

Thank you for the replies. I will speak to my wife this week about it. I know it's going to stir up the anxiety again for us both but I would much rather do that and push for a scan to know she's ok than just leave it.

Hi there, what a worrying time for you both. I am very surprised the clinic didn't do a mammogram or ultrasound. It seems standard practice to do this where I received my treatment.

I would certainly be asking why that wasn't done, even if they do think it's nothing to worry about.

I know they are the experts, but they can and do get things wrong sometimes and for you and your wife's peace of mind I would be insisting on further checks if the lumps are still there in a couple of weeks time.

Wishing you all the best.

Hi there, I support all the comments above. I have had "lumpy" breasts for most of my life as a result of having cysts. When I got another lump a few months ago I dismissed it as a "normal lump". Luckily, I was due for a routine mammogram which then picked up early, stage 2 cancer. I have since had a mastectomy. I am so relieved that I had the routine mammogram and am kicking myself for dismissing the lump that I had observed. Interestingly, it came so quickly, and was so large (2.5cm) that I thought it had to be a cyst. I suggest you ask for a mammogram. Good luck.

Please insist on a mammogram at a minimum! I’ve had breast cancer 2 times...10 years apart! Both found in routine annual mammogram! Catching early makes a big difference! That said, benign cysts and other things are very common because breasts are lumpy ... so it could be nothing! But be safe and find out....sooner the better!

I think I would ask for a second opinion/mammogram /scan. I would have expected this to be done. It's a hard thing I know but I have recently finished active treatment, found lump myself but mammogram confirmed breast cancer. It's always best to get diagnosis early and start treatment if necessary. Fingers crossed all ok and sending lots of hugs x

If it doesn’t feel right then get it checked again! Hopefully all will be well.

I had lumpy breasts so I wasn't worried..sadly I should have been..when I went back I had stage 2 cancer. Get a mamo.

Thank you for the advice. I spoke to my wife yesterday and she said that if the lumps are still there or uncomfortable in a month or so, she will go back to her gp for a re-referral. She says she isn't worried as she doesn't have any of the more common symptoms (inverted nipples, discharge etc.) but I told her that doesn't necessarily mean all is well, which she acknowledges. I'm fairly confident that she is fine but if it takes me to be a nagging, persistent pain in the bum about it until we get 100% confirmation, then so be it!

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I had no symptoms either. I had a pain in left breast, GP referred Ed me to a specialist clinic and they were happy to dismiss the pain as being non cancer related. But they asked for a mammogram as a precaution. The mammogram found a lump the size of a satsuma behind the nipple, completely hidden, that was found only by having a mammogram, Please, please get it checked out further. NOW.

By the way, I had a mastectomy afterwards and this was five years ago and I’m FINE now!!

You say your wife doesn't have any of the more common symptoms..... Neither did I when I went for my first ever mammogram, right breast 2cm left 1 1/2, push for a mammogram, don't wait a moment longer than necessary

Many of us are asymptomatic - no lump or anything . Cancer is picked up on a mammogram . If you are at all concerned (which you obviously are) ask the medics again. Better to be safe. Caroline.

If I was your wife, a others have said, you need to push for a mammogram asap. Another months wait is a long time if there is something however serious or not. I found my lump and left it for weeks before I thought maybe I should go to my gp. As it was I received a letter for a mammogram appt following a study of people under 50, I was 49. I was so glad i got this and knew I shouldn’t have left it so long really myself? Please go back to your gp for a referral x

My story is similar to a couple of the ladies above. I had no symptoms and my first mammogram at age 50 that led to diagnosis of cancer. How I wish I had accepted the earlier invitation for a mammogram at age 47. No symptoms or normal boob lumps do not mean it is not cancer.

Wishing your wife well x

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