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First chemo session over

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Phew! The nurse who administered was very knowledgable and competent and my two daughters were with me at home ( I chose to have it in my flat). A very unsettling experience thinking of the 3 toxic substances Entering the books stream; you amazing women who go through this in several whole sessions are incredible. My regime is for 4 months .

By far the hardest challenge was trying to tolerate the freezing cold skull cap for 4/5 hours which I wanted to give it a good try. To keep warm Invved hot water bottle rugs and hot drinks!

I’m not sure I want to go through that again, but I’m told after 17 days , it will show less hair loss , but as I’ve got a wig , I may not continue. Too much overload , in a situation where stress and anxiety are rife .

Does anyone have comments about keeping a dog around versus infection? My onco nurse says my little King Charles spaniel is a walking bacteriafest (I agree) and shouldn’t sleep on the end of the bed, which he quite often sneaks up to . Soon he’s going to have a radical haircut which might help and a bath .

He stayed at my neighbour’s last night .

It’s one thing to have a plan for managing the next 4 months , physically and psychologically but another altogether putting into practice . I know compared to so many on this site , this is only a drop in ocean compared to others’ much bigger struggles , and I hope that today brings you all peace of mind, optimism, and heaps of love.

Denizt xxx

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Deniz, sorry to hear you need to go through the chemo cycle. I trust you missed your dog. Just get him or her bath frequently with good antiseptic shampoo like those with chlorhexidine. This should keep him or her hygienically clean and can accompany you to go through this difficult time. Remember to wear mask and wash your hands properly with antiseptic solutions after touching your doggie. You may check with your nurses if this measure is OK for you. Take good care!

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Denizt in reply to Nelsonyong

Thank you my dear for such helpful suggestions ! Yes I’ll see where I can

Get some masks . How are you keeping ? Are you well ? I hope so xDenise

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Nelsonyong in reply to Denizt

Hi Denizt, I'm accompanying my mom going thru this difficult time. Thanks God she is stable. Take care.

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Denizt in reply to Nelsonyong

Hello again . I’m glad to hear your mum is stable and she will be so thankful to have her devoted daughter by her side . Please give her my love and best wishes. My two girls take turns to stay with me and it’s a godsend . Love Denise x

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Nelsonyong in reply to Denizt

Son not daughter 😁

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Denizt in reply to Nelsonyong

Dear Nelsonyong, what a kind caring son you are . I have two sons who now live in our home NZ , and are much missed but call me very often .

Thinking of you and you mum .how is she ? After the bone marrow booster and anti sickness meds I’m brighter this morning . Take care . XxDenise

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Nelsonyong in reply to Denizt

Hi Denise, just back from hosp with my mom. Busy day... 5th faslodex jab in the morning and then see Chinese medicine practitioner in the afternoon. In our country Malaysia, ministry of health offer alternative medicine like Chinese medicine to cancer patients. It helps to lessen chemo or treatment side effects. Thanks God she is stable and well, like normal. I'm bringing her for a week local tour the week after next. Be positive and stay strong. Eat well to boost your immune system. Take good care!

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Hello Denizt 🌺

One Done ✅

Hope you are feeling not to bad today, l don’t have a little doggie but get someone to bathe him for you because I think he’ll be of great comfort, just keep him away from licking your face & wash your hands before you eat or take Meds etc ~ the same applies to humans except changing the licking to kissing 😂 this is the worst time of the year so keep the huggy/kissy people at a distance.

My top tip is hand wipes, especially when your out & more so at the hospital! Try & avoid the Chemists (Pharmacy) & don’t use their pen to write with use your own! May sound a bit OCD but so much better than catching anything! 🤧

Treat yourself to nice hand/foot cream & indulge in your favourite face creams/serums, you really do need pampering & that’s very good for you.

I’m afraid l choose against the Cold Cap so don’t have any tips on that.

If you have any questions please ask & there’s lots of us around who’d be happy to help. I’m three years Post Chemo now, three n half since diagnosis & not doing so bad at all.

Very Best Wishes

And, Take it Easy

MrsN x

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Denizt in reply to Hidden

Dear Mrs N . Hope you’ve had a pleasant day and thanks for all your suggestions. I called my neighbour who’s going to bath Bailey before he comes back in the morning , and I’ve stocked up on hand wash , antiseptic wipes, etc

Today I felt pretty rough to be honest ; nauseous, dizzy and tired but better this evening ., and could eat light supper. I’ve decided to abandon the cold cap although (I did last around 5 hours )as it’s just too stressful along with treatment .

Even when the iv goes in you still have to keep the freezing cap on for 90 minutes more.. thinking about all you exceptionally brave women who went through all this and more is very humbling .

Love and best wishes Mrs N

Denise x

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Hidden in reply to Denizt

Hi Denise

If you continue to feel nauseous tomorrow, let the team know as they can prescribe you more anti sickness meds, l had Odandestan for three days plus another one as back up.

Take Care & Keep Well

MrsN 🌺

Hi well done first one over! My sister has been through this journey which started this time last year and she finished treatment late July. She too has a King Charles who is her best friend! Just keep the dog away from your face and keep wipes handy! Luckily for my sis all she really suffered was thrush in the mouth, she was amazing. Good luck and be strong, my sister although physically altered is just about back to normal! X

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Denizt in reply to L1974

Dear L . So nice to hear about your sister who did a similar journey along with her little dog. He’s being shampooed by a neighbour today and as he’s so sloppy I’ll have to keep him away from my face etc.

Give my best wishes to your sister and hope this finds you both happy and well

Xx Denise

Hi Denizt

Well done on getting through your first chemo, its such a wierd experience letting the nurses pump you full of toxins. It does seem to go on for a long time but before you know it, its complete. I have two cavalier king charles spaniels. I didn't do anything special with them apart from the sensible. The best thing about the dogs was they were the incentive for me to get out every day for a walk. It really made a difference and I didnt miss a single day. How can you resist those pleading eyes. If they were sick my husband cleared up the mess. I stopped helping him with cleaning the fish pond and aviary during my chemo. I didnt do cold cap and managed pretty well with scarves and the odd day using a wig. Good luck over the coming months. Caroline xx

Hi Caroline, Thanks for your nice message.So good to know your little doggies were a help to you.. Yesterday I went for a walk to Bournemouth beach as I live nearby , but hung on tightly to my daughter's arm as the giddiness and nausea kicked in, but it was lovely to see the beach and the sea..

Im happy to hear you are doing well, and your husband is nearby to give a hand when needed..My husband passed away years ago when he was young, but I have four wonderful grown up children and now 9 small grandchildren another on the way in four weeks ! Having caring family is the greatest thing Im finding during this harrowing time Such a huge change of roles !

Do you still have those lovely dogs? xxLove from Denise

Ooh yes, Billy and Bertie are 11 years old now. They are the 7th and 8th Cavalier we have had.

What a wonderful family you have, lots to keep you busy. Best wishes for the next couple of months

Caroline xx

My 2 Labradors were with me all the way through chemo. They knew when I didn't feel well and gave me so much emotional support by just being there. As others have said just be sensible about hygiene. I think the benefits of having my dogs far outweighed the risk.

Losing your hair is horrible but it comes back, the treatment will be over before you know it.

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Denizt in reply to Julie2233

Hi Julie . Lovely to know your dogs were a source of joy and comfort . Labradors are amazing . My old Lab from early days in Auckland was such a guardian , friend, and cater to us . My husband often away overseas and with four little children Sally was wonderful esp as she also had puppies that gave the children hours of fun.. i

I’m Told that days 7/11 in this 3 week cycle are when you have to be very germ free , but it’s not too bad in between . Maybe he can stay with me next week for a few days .

Out for lunch today with pregnant daughter , and husband and little girls . I’m so glad I made the effort as the company was energising and I’m finding the good times.are exaggerated, . I’m keeping a diary of positive experiences, to back me up when more difficult days sppear

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Julie2233 in reply to Denizt

Yes those are the days you have to be most careful and probably when you feel at your worst but it really doesn't last long. For me day 4 was my worst day when I felt like I'd got a hangover but then after that every day was better. My advice is to potter, keep busy, nothing heavy or overwhelming, and do what makes you feel better. Don't worry too much and enjoy the company of your dog, just don't let him lick you and get someone else to clear up any mess. My husband works away too so I understand what you mean :-) I think people are a bigger threat and you develop a super sense for people with the first sign of a cold - that is what you really need to avoid.

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Denizt in reply to Julie2233

That’s good to know thanks. At the end of my last message I must have nodded off ! Hope you are having a good day today

Love Denise xx

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