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Did chemo ruin my teeth?

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I have recently noticed bigger spaces between my teeth. I am wondering if it's chemo/cancer related. I have all my teeth except for wisdom teeth. The only other thing I can think of is I eat ice all the time. Seems to be another habbit I have picked up since chemo.

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Omg, I eat ice too. It is the only thing that takes that horrid 'dryness' from my mouth - mind you I have recently found peppermint tea help too and I really am not a tea lover but that's not too bad. I had problems with my teeth and my back ones started to crumble. The dentist said that it was definitely chemo related - four removed and now I'm grand. Good luck with yours. Lainey ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’

Mine went grey after chemo.. Ive tried having them whitened professionally which didn't help.. was told it usually only works on brown teeth (wish they'd told me that before I'd spent the money!)

Josie x

Really? They should have told you that. Did you ask why they didn't tell you?

They said (afterwards) sometimes it does and sometimes (usually) it doesnt! I've given up on finding a decent dentist in Wales. (Sorry all you decent Welsh dentists out there)

Too bad you weren't near me in the US. I love my dentist. I just keep forgetting to call him about my latest tooth concern.

Hi Cathy well my teeth haven't changed much but the top ones got really badly stained during chemo! Tthe majority of it has gone now, 4 months down the line. Not a side effect that was listed! But certainly chemo clearly affects the teeth.

All the best xx

I do have a habit of blaming everything on chemo. I will be seeing my Onc next week and ask. I don't know what else could cause it.

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