Tamoxifen and flying?

Haha, just realised you might all think I'm going to discuss a new side effect of tamoxifen from my title!! sorry its not so exciting.

Im going on a 4.5 hour flight in 10 days and wondered if anyone had any experience of airports i.e tamoxifen or whether you were advised to stop taking it before you flew, did you keep it in hand luggage, any experiences of this welcome.

Thank you, hope all feeling well today x

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  • I have flown twice, no need to come off it but may be worth wearing flight socks ? There is also mention of possibly low dose aspirin but I would think your breast care nurse would be able to give advice ? I put my tablets in both my hand luggage and case , just to make sure I had some ,and they just went through security no problem .

    Jo x

  • Thank you for your reply jo.


  • Hi,bet you're glad to be getting away from this rotten weather!!😂 Yes I did a 4odd hour flight (without socks) a few times whilst I was on tamoxifen ..no problems at airport and never advised to stop taking them before flying. Have a fantastic time xx

  • Ive flown a number of times whilst on tamoxifen with no problems. I ways keep tablets in hand luggage just in case luggage gets lost or delayed. Enjoy your trip.

  • Hi Cazlav, I have flown around the world. 19 flights in 7 weeks. I made sure I wore my flight socks and walked around as much as possible on the plane. Never stopped my tamoxifen. But I knew the signs to look out for, for blood clots. If you do all the right things you should be fine. I discussed flying with my oncologist before flying. Have a great flight!! Take care xx

  • Wow you've had an adventure! This is reassuring to read that you haven't had a bad experience, thank you for responding.

  • Thanks it was an amazing time! One of the flights I jumped out at 15,000ft too. Hope you stay well flying. I took aspirin a few days before flying and drank lots of water too xx

  • I have also flown many times on Tamoxifen with no problem. On longer flights I wear socks but in all flights I make sure I move regularly. Always take Tamoxifen in my hand luggage and have never been challenged. Enjoy your holiday. X

  • Just keep any tablets you take I the box from the chemist keep them in hand kuggage/handbag and u will be fine - also don't forget to keep drinking plenty (not alcohol) as this dehydrated you faster when flying !

    Enjoy Diane

  • I did 13.5 hour flight to Buenos Aires after being on Tamoxifen for 5 years - I wore flight socks and asked for aisle seat so I could stretch my legs out and do feet and ankle exercises and I walked up and down aisle 2/3 times every hour - it was fine and I met some interesting passengers on my aisle walks too

  • Yes I have been on tamoxifen since February. I flew to Menorca in May half term. Wore my (unsexy) blood clot socks (dark green), and moved as much as poss, and was fine! (Although I wouldn't have won any fashion competitions!). Pills in hand luggage and case. Good luck x

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