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chemo and more

Hi not been on for a while but been watching all your posts ,i finished chemo in may and after 6chemos i was told after my last ct scan that my chemo had shrunk my cancer and the cells my cancer is dormant just now which is good ,because i tested positive and high risk for getting ovarian cancer and already have a cyst gynae have agreed for me to remove it i have my pre op on the 7thaug and a date for surgery on the 22nd to have my ovaries&tubes removed as a preventative which im happy about but getting nervous as the day gets closer ,before my last 2chemos had finished my hair was starting to grow 3mths later my hairs really come back so dry ,but tomorrow im getting my friend to give me my first hair cut since its grew back in so happy today went out in public for the first time with no headscarf to cover up still have my wigs if i do got my new one last wk hope everbody is getting through their journey

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That's great news trg3 that your cancer has shrunk and is now dormant. It makes you feel so much better when it is good news. Good luck with your operation and hope you recover quickly.

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Really tough for you to have to go through yet more treatment - as if chemo isn't enough. I hope it goes well and excellent news that the cancer is now dormant. Good luck. caroline xx

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Hey trg3 what a good post thank you! So so pleased to hear about the hair! Excellent news 👍🏻. I was suprprised when mine started to grow back before the end of chemo too. I'm on my 2nd syrup and go without it everywhere except my home village.

Such good news to hear yourntumour has shrunk now and good luck with your Aug ops esp as is preventatives not reactive.

I have been thoroughly enjoying the small victories like shaving my legs, shampooing my hair and seeing my eyelashes again!

I have had a spate of tiredness recently but on the whole am looking forward to returning to work part time and phased return hopefully in another 6 weeks time.

So yes all in all still work in progress but going in the right direction!

Al the best x


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