Recovering post DIEP flap reconstruction and lymph node transplant

I posted on here a few weeks ago for recommendations for underwear post reconstruction.

Well it is now day 3 and I'm up and about and doing ok. I also had a lymph node transplant at the same time. Yes it's a bit sore especially when I cough or laugh and the beds are uncomfortable but if that's all that's wrong I'll take it.

I'm lucky to have got this far and it feels good to be more even! X

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  • I remember the feeling after the lopsided years from radiotherapy and until my feel even, and free to use flimsy summer tops. Enjoy your new shape, It will increase self esteem tremendously.

  • Hi, so glad to hear that your over the worst bit , take it easy, lots of rest.

    Would you king me asking if you could tell me more about your lymph node transplant?

    I had total clearance , it's the one thing that makes me really upset 😭, out of 21 nodes removed one was positive !!! I do have slight lymphadema in that arm but particularly in my hand which is swollen and painful so very interested to understand more.

    Best wishes xx

  • I'm the same with my hand. It's a bit of a one chance op as took nodes from abdomen when dissected for the flap and then reopened the old scar in my armpit and transplanted them. There is about a 1:3 chance of it working. I must say my hand and fingers do feel less puffy and previously they would have swollen with all that I've had done. My lymphoedema nurse was quite sceptical but I thought I would give it a try. I'll keep you posted on how it carries on.

    Take care xx

  • Oh thank you so much for reply , it's sounding positive for you already which is a good sign.

    My consultant does all kind of specialised micro surgery including lymph node transplants and one where you 'plumb' the lymph into the blood system so I hope that he can offer me something that may help. They used a vein under my arm during my op for Diep , so not sure if he would want to operate in that area and risk disruption to my reconstruction which i am really happy with.

    I will speak with him when I see him at my next appointment which is in May. I would love to hear how your progressing.

    Best wishes xx

  • I'm being discharged today so I'm happy x

  • That is brilliant news. 🌺

  • My lymphoedema does appear to be better than before, my hand is definitely less swollen! 😃

  • Oh amazing so pleased for you. 💕

    I am on a mission now to see what can be done for me 😊 Xx

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