Great Granny's help with depression!

I have felt really depressed this week - mostly down to an infection where I had my lump removed. Sitting on my bookshelf I have diaries written by my great grandmother starting in 1895 through to 1918. I have been meaning to transcribe them but it is something I have never made the time to do until now. It has been just what I needed to re focus on my positivity. She writes about being sent away in Service - with very little contact with her family - her loneliness jumps out at you. Then in later years two of her sons were shot and wounded in the Battle of the Somme (one being my grandfather) and her distress at not knowing whether they would survive is so evident. Her battles were daily but she lived well into her eighties. Unfortunately I never met her but who'd have thought her words written 100 years ago would help me now. I know it probably won't mean as much to others but just wanted to share 😊

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  • That's nice to, nice as well for you to have something, other than your health issues, to focus on, going to throw you a curve ball to think about, transcribe them and get them published......

  • I have thought of publishing them, they seem to important to leave unread on a shelf. 😊

  • Sorry to hear about infection, so far my masectomy seems ok. But Cancer messes head up so much, a little inspiration and detour to do something different helps. I stopped my family history hunting when life got too needs can be absorbing like crafts and art.

    Best to direct thoughts in these directions while the universe has given us space...once recovered from treatments life will be demanding again. I am doing a sketckbook exchange, since its a closed facebook group I shared my problem...i am having the added benefit of recieving small art parcels from around the world...just because we gave time to illustrate botanical work in their books. Gratitude and Hugs are more difficult than giving...I wasnt expecting these reactions, it is so nice to feel loved by people you have never met, but chat to.

    Learning gratitude!

  • That sounds really lovely - my husband and I both like to paint but haven't done any for ages and is something that we intend to pick back up again. It has all been such a whirlwind since my diagnosis in September. It's nice to be able to breathe and reflect and look forward. There are some lovely people out there - all of this definitely inspires you to see the good rather than the bad - take care Xxx

  • Thank you Louise, my painting halted with diagnosis late October, with the shock that tips life upside down...artwork via mr google...beryl prout

    Botanical artist. Some of my sketchbook art is there, its a facebook site. Some earlier work is a bit dark as I dont have an A3 scanner, now alter a bit in photoshop.

    Love can emerge and forget problems...each day I say I will do some...but light is so bad in winter, I am just not quite ready. So I buy the flowers and inhale the perfume instead.

  • Will have a look - I am inspired by ancient stones - I have mostly painted various pictures of the Avebury stones my unfinished painting that I keep meaning to finish is of Callenish. I love oils and the way you can manipulate the paint. Xx

  • I have many unfinished paintings on canvas in oils. One of my fellow students from years past, paints the geological patterns of stones, nature is a overflowing source of inspiration what ever angle we take it from. Xx

  • Definitely 😊

  • I too used to enjoy doing art. love your Natures art. Real flowers.

  • just made me smile I looked up your work and below it.

    Beryl Cook how funny her paintings. does anyone else like them.?

  • How lovely for you xx

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