Keeping Busy

Keeping Busy

Hi all, I thought I would share with you one of the many paintings that I have created over the last month or so to keep busy. I took up water colour painting whilst underoing radiotherapy in St. Lukes hospital. The activity centre there and the lovely ladies who ran it gave me lots of tips and encouragement. I now paint quite a lot and have painted pictures for many friends and aquaintances. I have donated monies from painting to the hospitals who cared for me. Splitting it between two hospitals. My way of saying thank you to them. Others have donated to breast cancer research on my behalf.

Just to say, I am not advertising at all, just sharing what has been keeping me busy and out of trouble. I can only post one image at a time so I have chosen to share the one that I painted today.

Lainey66 xx

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  • Very Impressive Lainey 🌺

  • That is beautiful Lainey, Have a lovely christmas πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸ’—

  • It's amazing,I can't draw a straight line.xx

  • Lainey your painting is beautiful well done your a natural x

  • Painting is lovely lainey

  • Absolutely beautiful Lainey x

  • Thank you so much ladies xxxx

  • Lainey you are a talented STAR XX

  • Lol. Thank you so much xxx

  • Hi ... It is beautiful Lainey66 , I knit for charity , twiddle muffs for the Alzheimers society, clothes for a prem & Angel babies group that supply hospitals, rainbow elephants for a local charity for children on a ward at a Manchester hospital and I help fund raise or collect etc for our local radiotherapy unit !! Keeping busy for me is the key !! Keep well xxx and Keep up the art ... You are talented !! πŸ’–

  • I might be out of your league but that is a step in my direction, I still class myself a student after more than 40 years and art school training. Botanical work is so intensive and absorbing you forget like music can be be for works. I have stopped for December and for shock recovery, lack of light, and apprensive about chemo interferance. Still plan to do studies with RBGEdinburg but off the radar...slower...without deadlines until fully recovered from my treatments. Did sketchbook exchange across boarders, facebook group for Botanical art for beginners. Much help there. Art is a great healer.

  • Hat a wonderful talent, it's beautiful! X

  • Wow this is lovely - good for you. After my first cancer my dad died and i took up flower arranging and its been a great healer. I cant do much as have ME following my treatment but determined to do some for xmas. So 6 table arrangements, two baskets and 3 xmas wreaths all for mums nursing home ive yet to do mine lol. Still have time and foliage a plentiful. Next year i cam look back and say how did manage that just so recently after mastectomy but i get strength from giving to others. Keep doing lots that gives u pleasure. Happy xmas xx

  • Being creative and seeing what we can do not only for ourselves but for others too really does give you a boost doesn't it 😊😊 all the best and I hope you feel more energised soon xxx

  • So encouraging, well done Gypsywhyte πŸ’

  • Beautiful painting Lainey xx

  • Thank you Sandy xxx

  • Lainey that's amazing. Beautiful x

  • Thanks Kazzerp xxx

  • Made my day - lovely painting. xxx

  • Glorious! Thank you ❀️️❀️️.

    And well said Lainey.

    I joined a small group of locals - almost all strangers to me as we moved here 9months ago - for a short walk Tuesday afternoon. It really helped take my mind off my current circumstances. It all finished 2 1/2 hours later with a cup or tea in the leaders home!!

    It was good.


  • Wow! That is very impressive! Such talent & had you not had breast cancer you may never have tapped in to that talent. Every cloud has a silver lining, as they say.........

  • That is it exactly 😊 writing, painting, crochet now looking at early retirement too πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • gorgeous. hope you have a lovely Christmas and New year Lainey. xx

  • Beautiful picture. Have a lovely Christmas xxx

  • Beautiful Lainey.

  • oh you clever girl! It's lovely and so proud of you for raising funds for the hospitals from your work. Wishing you and all on this forum glad festive tidings and a guid new year!

  • Thank you ladies for your wonderful comments and support. I wish every one here a wonderful Christmas and a very Healthy new year. Take care all. Xxxxx big hugs Lainey66 xxxx

  • Very talented lady 😺

  • That is on the base of my spine as a tattoo x

  • Lol mine is a dragon πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Beautiful x

  • Beautiful!

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