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Lymph swelling help please?

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Hello ladies can you help me please? I have developed swelling under my mx scar on my chest wall. First noticed it last nigh going to bed. This am still there. Rang 111 and am waiting for out of hours GP to call me back as it's Sunday. But the swelling is getting bigger.

I thought lymphodeama was in the arm / armpit only. Has anyone else experi need this? Would a needle be used to aspirate from the chest wall?

Do I need to panic? I doubt a&e would see this as an me fence under all the circumstances.

Mx was 1 days ago and drain came out 2 days ago at 80ml tho I have been producing over 100ml most days.

Not surprised at fluid collecting just don't know what happens next.

Most grateful for reassurance.

Deb xx

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Yes I had the exact same thing. Please dont worry. It is lymphatic fluid and for the next few days will fill up rapidly. Mine did for 4 weeks before it settled. It is fluid gathering where the breasts used to be. Drainage is painless. I hooe that has eased your mind xxx

For sure Lainey thank you xx


Hi Debster2016

Ring the Ward that you were on for your surgery & they will probably ask you to come to them. I had my site drained every few days then weekly for a couple of weeks, it eventually settles down.

Hope it goes well xx

Better to go to the ward than A&E but ring them first xx


The fluid under my scar 'moved' from side to side & it doesn't hurt at all when they aspirated it πŸ’

Unable to advise on the swelling, but you can get Lymphodema in the breast as that's where mine is, hope it's sorted soon for you x

Ok thanks for that Jenny. It's still all a bit surreal sometimes. I hope you are keeping well none the less xx

Ah so grateful to you for your swift responses thank you, all very reassuring.

I naively thought aspiration was only for the armpit!

Yes it is fluid cos it does move around.

The GP rang and said it's all normal post op fluid (happy with that) but it is now a few hours later and the wound has started to seep & the swelling has grown so I now have an out of hours appointment at my local hospital - not a&e.

Then hopefully my breast care nurse tomorrow.

Thank you all very much xxxx

Good luck x


At the moment ive lymphodema gathered under my scar tissue it looks like a spare rib its brick hard. Ive to go to clinic on 30th no doubt will be aspirated and a referral to physio. Hope you get seen soon too.x

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Wow that's sounds unpleasant I am sorry to hear but wish you well, thanks for sharing. Be nice to hear how you get on 😌 X

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Will do. This site is really good for running things by folks when your not sure about stuff. Does anyone else have hardened areas following mastectomy?


HI Debster2016

How did you get on with draining of the fluid under your scar? Hope you got it sorted out & you are feeling more comfortable. I had it done several times & it always felt so much better afterwards.

Best Wishes for Christmas πŸŽ„ & a Happy & Healthy New Year to Us All πŸ’

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Bless you Mrs Nails. It hasn't happened yet not to me. In short the out of hours GP didn't get at all excited & sent me home with dressings. Next day district nurse sent me to the practice nurse who also gave me proper dressing, swabbed for infection and sent me home with some fresh dressings.

And they both reassured me that the wound would not explode from the pressure of the fluid behind it!

No additional swelling since Sunday eve so that's good.

Best wishes to you too for a good Christmas in every way xx πŸŽ„πŸŽ„. Looking forward to next Christmas! Xx

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