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Hi lovely ladies, just to let you know how my journey is continuing. Today, just a week after the right breast and two sentinel nodes were removed, I saw the surgeon. Only a partial report had been prepared from pathology so far. The good news is that the cancer hadn't gone to the lymph nodes and the margins were adequate. I won't know the bad news ( if any) until I see the oncologist in a week or two with the rest of the result. Meanwhile the wound continues to heal, the drain is still in but reducing. I'm managing to do quite a lot, but sure know it by feeling dizzy when I've over done things. I'm a 'master' at coping and camouflaging the drain! Good luck and many warm wishes and love to you all. Until the next report. 🌺

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  • That's great news so far jac. Glad everything is going well. I had mx and found the drains ok to deal with. Had my first chemo last week and coping great so far. Good luck with next part of your journey and keep strong and focused on the end game hugs karen xx

  • Thanks so much Karen. I'm so happy for you regarding the chemo and how you are coping. Are you doing any special supplements to your diet to help your body cope? Have you had a canular put in to make vein finding easier? I love your great attitude. Lots of🌺

  • Hi Jac. No not taking anything special, actually was advised to not take any supplements whilst on chemo. I found eating a little and often for the first 3 days after helped me. Crackers, raw carrot sticks, celery, houmas and pitta bread soup etc and then as much fresh fruit and veg with meals as possible when my appetite came back a bit. Try drink as much water /fluid , ginger cordial with hot water helped me when I felt sick too. When your feeling more normal don't forget a treat when you fancy too. I haven't had a canula fitted. Hugs Kaz x

  • Thanks for your answer Karen. Tips are so useful. I asked about the canular because a couple of friends had wished they had one inserted to save finding veins. They said that part was quite stressful.


  • Well that's a good way to start the day, very pleased for you 😃.

    Good luck with oncologist. Xx

  • Thank you🌺

  • Good news on lack of spread. Best of luck on the remainder of your journey. Onwards and upwards xx

  • No other way to go! Thanks🌺

  • That's wonderful news, I am very pleased for you. Please don't overdo it you need some recovery time now. Good luck for your next appointment.

  • That's good advice Rayswife, I'm a devil for overdoing things! 🌺

  • Well done you. Youre doing great but it will all come up to hit you if you don't take plenty of rest... but i was exactly the same as you. .. remember the drains all too well. I had 3 of the bloody things. I'm back in hospital this am for surgery to tidy up abdominal "dog ears" from diep flap surgery last year. Woop woop lovely white stockings again. This feels like a kind of closure to a surreal year. I might even get a new nipple today. :). See ye on the other side xxxxxx

  • Great advice....very tired tonight! Lots of lovely people needing to keep informed...tiring chatting too. Poor you, three drains! Still you sound as upbeat as you can be. Let's hope next year is truly brilliant! 🌺

  • Jac, if you need Chemo you will become more tired, I made a Private Facebook Group for updating selected i.e. close, personal friends & family across the world and I used to copy it in an email to friends not on FB because it can become very tiring repeating the same thing over & over. Take Care 💐

  • Great advice. I'm not a 'public' person re personal matters, so that could work. Thanks.🌺

  • Hi Jac

    Good news it's not in your lymph nodes, good luck with your oncology appointment, I hope it all goes well.

    Take it easy especially while you still have the drains in. 💐

  • Thank you. 🌺

  • Bite size chunk of good news to keep you going at the moment! Think positively for the rest of news as your mind will deal with whatever it is better, this is how I got through. Xx

  • Cazlav, how true. I have realised that I am functioning on a 'need to know' system in my mind. Small bites. Thankful no lymph contamination but mindful that as there were two stage 4 it could be anywhere. Getting plenty of high nutrition. 🌺

  • That's great news! x Jak60

  • Thanks. 🌺

  • glad you have had good news.. keep positive ... onwards & upwards xxxx

  • So far so good, remember to have lots of me time, just out for coffee with a friend, nice bath with lots of bubbles, good luck at Oncology x

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