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Having discovered that my breast cancer was not random and that 3 cousins have also had breast cancer should I get the brca2 gene test?

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High incidence of breast cancer in family members

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I'd ask one of the specialist breast cancer charities, they've probably got the stats to help you.

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Hi Happyrosie, I have scheduled a conversation with my GP for next week. I am worried that he will not recommend the test, which means that the cost will not be covered by the NHS.

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In which case anything that the various charities can tell you will either reassure you or give you ammunition. Saying that, clinicians should be guided by NICE recommendations (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) which do go into this subject.

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Thank you.

surprisingly less than 10% of breast cancers are due to genetics. However, if you have several family members with breast cancer, you shouldn't have an issue asking for genetic testing. There are more mutations in addition to BRCA 1 and 2. The information is something you want to know if you have children so they can also be tested and know whether they carry any mutation.

I'm in the UK too. My sister and my aunt both had breast cancer so my oncologist referred me for gene testing. There are 3 genes that can be faulty, not just BRCA2. Fortunately my tests came back negative so it is just a coincidence.

My analysis was done at the Clinical Genetics Unit at Birmingham Women's hospital although I had the blood sample taken at my local hospital when I was having bloods taken for treatment.

I don't know if this unit only covers the Midlands but I have a general email address for them if you want to enquire