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Can I please ask others. When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997 I had Tamoxifen for 5 years- the next time 2007, it was Tamoxifen but switched to Arimidex for 5 years, then 2016 it was Letrozole but will this be for 5 or 10 years, as some people say they are on it for 10 years and as I am coming up to 5 years, I don't know if it is safer to stay on it for 10 years? Your comments would be much appreciated. Thank you all.

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I was told to stay on Letrozole (or actually I’m on something similar, exastemane,) for ten years.

But your oncologist is the one to make the recommendation, as we don’t have access to the data that they have. The recommendation is based on death data, presumably, rather than laboratory work.

Hi there, I have been on letrozole for 7 years and my oncologist said it will be at least 10 years - I think it's fine long term if you can manage the side effects. Good luck x

Hi I was put on tamoxifen for 5years in 2015, they then they said because I was coping with it I would stay on for another 5 plus years..This was from consultant not oncologist .take care

I was on the AI (anastrozole) For five years doctor said I tolerated it so he wanted to put me on five more years. At 6 1/2 years it was destroying my bones so I went off of that and went on a Evista about 6 mo ago to help with the breast cancer part and the osteoporosis.

I’ve been on letrozole 5.5 years, and been taking alendronic acid for my bones and vitamin D,but have come off the alendronic acid,as your not supposed to be on it more than 5 years,( that’s what I’ve been told here in Cyprus, but not by my uk surgeon)

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