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TBI - Double vision


I'm 22years old and I was involved in a car accident 2 months ago and suffered many injuries. The injury I am most concerned about is the Subarachnoid hemorrhage. I have been discharged from hospital (after being kept in for 10 days) but have had double vision since the accident. If I shut either eye I can see normal (single). It's only when I open both eyes I see double. The opthamologist has checked my eyes and said they both look healthy. I was told to wait 6 months until my eyes should be reviewed. I'm am so scared this double vision will be permanent. Please can anyone advise me if so.

Thank you so much xx

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I'm so sorry but I can't give you a reply to your query. I do believe that double vision can be corrected with special glasses - but that is only from reading on the Net and I may be wrong.

I really hope that everything turns out well for you!



Hey Sandra,

I appreciate your research!

I hoping it will be a case of time to correct but glasses can help me out in the meantime :)

Thanks so much!



After my TBI, I had the double vision thing or where both eyes were not centered. I think my vision center was damaged a bit. But 2 months later my eyes were totally normal and I could see exactly how I could, before the accident. BTW, I fell 30-40 feet over a bridge in the Black Hills of South Dakota when biking Iron Mountain road. I'm lucky to be alive - I attribute my quick recovery to my good health - and was 28 years old at the time and I know God was watching over me. But, I think your vision will improve - give it a bit of time. ;)


Hey lovely! I'm so glad your eyesight got better ☺️ it's been 5 months since my accident and I still seem to have double vision :s maybe I'm being too impatient! All in good time aye!



Hej hej, I had a serious motorbike accident and suffered double vision for a long time. I had to switch eyes reading as if I spent too long with either I'd get a horrendous headache. "Normal" vision did return eventually but I got so frustrated waiting it out, especially with nothing better to do! Hang in there, fingers crossed for you.


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