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Worried About Dad!

Hey! Just wanted to know if anyone has gone through the same thing but I never have got on with my dad at all, so I can't confront him about this but I have been living away for a year and now I have come back I have noticed my dad is different, he is more irritable, he gets angry and aggressive over the smallest of things, once he has a task to do he will be fixed on it for hours until its complete or it fails completely. He also has some kind of OCD as well and its becoming more and more noticeable to me. I thought maybe a brain injury from a car accident may have something to do with it as he is 51 now but his accident was in 1989. Please help if you can or have any idea whats going on with him because its driving me insane, and my parents are just getting fed up with each other!!

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Hi I've just found your post

I'd say your Dad def needs to see his GP and get a referral to a Neurologist ! Speak to your Mum - maybe she can get him to go ?

I'm so sorry you're not on good terms with him 🙁 I have 2 adult sons and I'd be broken hearted if they didn't get on with their Dad.

Communication isn't always easy but keeping the lines open is always worth it ........if only just for yourself ! At least you'll know you've tried your best

Take care

Ps complications from brain injuries can manifest themselves long after such an accident !


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