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Very worried


I used to drink a lot around 15 years ago and ended up with a lesion in my brain stem but then I took a long break and started doing it sensibly at 25. 3 years ago I stopped drinking to take care of my mum and was doing fine until last year when I started getting shooting pains up and down the left side of my head which was diagnosed as being trigeminal neuralgia. I've now started getting pain inside my head also. This only happens twice a day but am very worried I'm getting another lesion. Even though MRI just showed 1. Could alcohol still be causing damage even if I'm not drinking cos I've read that it causes vitamin b deficiency also. Many thanks

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Hi amuawad1

Respect to you for stopping drinking and taking care of your mum - it takes a lot of courage and hard work- firstly to stop drinking and definitely hard work looking after a loved one because there is a strong emotional bond, pure proud of you . I hope you also take time for yourself though because we can be totally wrapped around protecting others that we can be forgetting there is someone else in the equation- And that is Our selves ., Stress and Tiredness can cause Tension and that Definitely makes our brains feel like they are being squeezed by a vice - please rest and take some relaxation time to chill out - if things don't improve definitely Tell the GP how you feel and ask for to have a full MOT done ( ok wrong words but you'll understand eh ) n take care and best of luck . Elle

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Ty, very much appreciate the reply 😀 Have appointment @ neurologist next month

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Good luck with the neurologist amuawad1 - been there n wore the t-shirt , done some tests on me n you'll laugh at this but he said " take your boots off and walk in your bare feet - well I started taking the gothy type laces out of my boots only to realise - I only needed to pull the side zip down 🙃🙃🙃🙃yes my face was a picture cos I totally didn't know I was doing it to start with - but on the other tests I got which incidentally are easy basics tests - I done 7/10 right - so don't worry about a thing ok 👌 so anyways Good luck we're all behind you .

Take care

From Elle

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I'm about to make a post about healthy eating and beneficial supplements for neural health (to the extent of my expertise - I'll probably leave stuff out though :/ eek).

I would say that if you're not drinking (and good for you) it's unlikely to have any effect on your brain. I hope you don't smoke - if you do try vaping it's a much more sensible habit lol

Talk to your GP. Did you have another MRI recently? The brain is able to repair itself in many cases. Look up Dr. John Bergman on YouTube (he's amazing everyone) he talks about facilitating this process in at least one of his video

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