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Massive relief on CT Scan

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Went for my contrast dye scan 8th December, had a half hour disagreement in the MRI suite as they said I did not need a dye scan, I insisted I did and I persisted until they referred it back to the consultant radiologist who said it was a contrast CT scan I should be having. A lesson to all out there that if you feel something is not as it should be please speak up. Felt like forever to get my results as it took almost 2 weeks for the scan to even be reported on, (again had to chase up). I was so so grateful as the CT scan did not find any aneurysms at all. So after much worry and fear I am filled with relief. I feel for everyone here who is at any stage of this process. I am still having my headaches but the neurology consultant has prescribed some pain killers to have as/when I need them. Thinking of all of you especially at Christmas time.

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Really pleased to hear your wonderful news and thanks for the update as we all like to hear out comes ; especially when there sooo positive .Hope your headaches disappear too.

Happy New Year 🎉🍾


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