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Fusiform aneurysm update


Hi ,just thought I would up date as I like to read up dates also and a lot of posts just end and your left wondering and..............

I met with my neurologist who was lovely and reassured me that my 15 mm anni is not life threatening as it’s in a sack ,to be quite honest I didn’t ask that many questions as all I heard was not life threatening and they will do a 6 month/12 month scan to see if it grows .

He was more interested in my Tinnitus and the strange sounds I hear from time to time so he is referring me for angiogram- all I know is the,y go through the vain and the nhs web site kindly add that 1 in 1000 have a stroke ( the neurologist did mention that some people have a stroke but it’s very rare

The angiogram will also give a bigger clearer picture of my anni as a angiogram is the gold standered he said

Sooooo my dilemma is, find out more info on side effect and then research the effects of the dye they use as I’m extremely sensitive to seafood, is it an old wives tale that the two do not go together well . I was meant to have a cat scan for a bladder problem 4 years ago and they wouldn’t carry it out as they did not have the specialist team available if I was to react to the dye on duty at that time . This has got me thinking is it the same dye they use ?

Has anyone had strange reaction to the procedure plus dye

I would appreciate any information that you guys could give me

Many thanks

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Hi, im allergic to seafood. I was worried about the dye too. I've had two mri angiograms with contraster and no problems at all.

I hope all goes well


in reply to Andersl

Thanks for the reply ,that’s very reassuring x

Hi Apple

I have a flow diverter plus residual 5mm annie that can't be operated on because of location. I am going in June for my 3rd angio in 2 years and will continue to have them every 2 years whilst the annie persists (and behaves itself). For me as well as the risk of stroke there is also the possibility of upsetting the annie or causing the flow diverter in the main brain artery to budge so there are plenty of risks to be aware of -but until my brain arteries settle down I would rather we had a clear picture of what is going on up there.

The procedure is weird, and uncomfortable, but the worst bit is probably having to lie immobile on your back for about 4 hrs afterwards whilst the dye flushes out and the incision into your groin artery heals over. You won't be able to drive afterwards and will be told to take it easy for a few days too. No heavy lifting, and press down on to your incision should you get the urge to sneeze!

I don't know about any isssues with the dye but allergies generally will be discussed at your pre-op appointment, usually about 2 weeks before the scan. I react badly to anaesthetic (or more accurately the adrenalin compund withhin some local anaesthetics) so I have to have a conversation about that each time to make sure they use the right stuff for me or I am totally wiped out by it.

Hope that helps - if you have any more question ping them over.

Thank you so very much for the reply ,your info was was very welcome about the sneezing and after op ,can you listen to a pod cast to listen to during the 4 hr wait ? It’s nice to know that you have a pre op appointment as I thought you just turn up on the day of the procedure so there will be plenty of time to ask questions

Thanks again for the reply much appreciated x

I think you can do anything you like really once you get past the first hour, as long as you continue to lie still, flat on your back. For the first hour pressure has to be maintained on the groin - the radio-neurologist and nursing staff take care of it for about the first 30 mins then hand it over to you -so for at least 30 mins you are flat on your back, not allowed to move, and one-armed...! I did allow myself a sigh when after the 2nd one my husband thoughtfully came up with a magazine that he somehow expected me to hold and turn pages of...I made him read it to me out loud instead!

I posted a detailed account of my first angio on the Headway forum. Will see if I can find and post the link.

Hi Malalatete

I’ve just read your old post (s) detailing the procedure- many thanks ,it’s nice to know what to expect ,I’m very pleased you spent the time writing it as it’s reassuring and a lot less stressful when you know roughly what is likely to happen.

How long would you say you were back to your normal self?

How are you know ?

Hi Apple

The first angio I reacted quite badly to. We stayed in Sheffield overnight in case of any problems and went home the following day. On the way home I began to feel quite poorly, by the time we arrived (about 3 hrs later) I was running a temperature and wiped out. BUT - I have ME, and physical trauma (even dental work) can cause problems. I think i was back on my feet after 48 hours or so.

I was angio'd during my procedure, obviously, then about 6months afterwards. My procedure didn't go quite according to plan - I think my husband was told I would be down in about 3 hrs and it was nearer 6. Not sure what the issue was there but all seemed to be ok in the end. Something to do with the anticoagulants not being sufficient, which given that I had been given an additional dose the previous evening and that morning because of my bloods was probably not what they were expecting.

My post op angio was about this time last year. It was much less scary because I knew what to expect. It seemed to pass without too much incident. I felt fine during and after and got home the next day without much bother too, a bit sore perhaps. Stress (the adrenaline of it mostly, I am pretty sure) really screws up my system. If I am not stressed about stuff it tends to turn out ok. I have learned not to fret but to maintain a calm vigilance. I did have a pea sized lump in my groin after the second one which took several weeks to go away. I think the neuro said it was some kind of dissolvable protective sheathing material at the pont of entry for the catheter.

I'm not exactly looking forward to the next one but it is a necessary evil. Hopefully as I am pretty well at the moment it will pass without incident again. And God willing there won't have been any changes. Or if there have they will be significant enough to make any decisions clear cut...

Thanks you very much for your reply ,at the moment I’m still waiting for an appointment but I only went to see the neurologist 2 weeks ago so it could be a while .in the mean time I.m now dealing with a foot infection that’s just appeared,I’ve put off seeing gp as I’ve had enough seeing medical people ,they also want to see me about my high cholesterol. - all related to stress I think ,the subconscious mind is quite powerful .

This all stems from seeing an advert on tv about checking out your Tinnitus and now it’s led me here ,The plus point is at least there’s forums like this one where you can get the support you need from people who know what your going through.

Thanks for your reply

I have a seafood allergy as well as egg allergy but I've had many CT scans with contrast, including the one when they discovered the aneurysm. Though I just get a rash and don't have an epi pen for anaphylactic shock.!

Thanks for your reply- I have to carry an epi pen when I go out for any meal because after a meal of steak and mash ended with me on the floor gasping for air. There were prawns on the menu so I guess the chief was using the same spoon or knife to serve my mash and someone’s prawns . So I’m pretty sensitive to seafood and blue cheese also . That’s why I’m a little nervous about the type of dye they will be using but I will ask at the pre op - I hope all went well with your aneurysm .

Since you have a severe allergy it makes sense to ask. There are probably different types of contrast. I'm sure they won't take any extra risks. All went fine with my burst aneurysm, it was coiled three months ago. So far so good.

Hi im allergic to seafood ive had several cts with contrast on my brain... no problem.

Then i had a ct with contrast at a different hospital for another condition. That time i had an allergic reaction. A painful welt appeared on my leg. Tbe contrast was niopam 340.... different from the previous cts.

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