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Severe nausea!


I am 8 weeks past my LMP and I am feeling very nauseated! I don't like anything right now, food or drink. I have not actually vomited but I can't even open the fridge or brush my teeth without retching.

My diet consists of ham and cheese sandwiches, crisps, jacket potatoe and today pasta.

Does anyone have any advice?

Also do you think my shocking diet will hurt the baby?

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you can get meds from docs for really bad nausea i also found ice poles worked for it


I have meds from my migraines that are sort of OK for pregnancy, but more or less with any medication it is a take it only if you have to. I. E if you can't hold food of fluid for 6 hours, otherwise any medication should be avoided where possible. :/

What are ice poles ice pops, like frozen flavoured juice!?


yes ice poles are frozen juice

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Might try that :) thanks


I wouldn’t worry too much. Just eat what you can. The nausea should pass after 12 weeks so only around 1 more month! Make sure you drink enough water so you don’t get dehydrated. If you’re worried about lack of vitamins because you don’t eat enough fruit or veg, take some pregnancy vitamins. But you should preferably also eat fruit and veg, sources of calcium like milk or cheese, and some meat or eggs or sources of protein. Pasta and potatoes is totally fine though.


Thanks I manage to get milk into me, and I take the multivitamins with ginger in to help with the sickness but so far it hasn't helped. I just worry with everything forming in the first 12 weeks that I should be eating way better :(

I really hope the nausea does pass, I'm glad to be pregnant and I know nausea is a good sign and I'm thrilled, especially with having 2 MC in the past. But it's difficult to enjoy the pregnancy atm :( x


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