Hello everyone I'm kinda new here. Pls I need an answer to this disturbing question.

I had sex on 20th of Feb and i think I was ovulating then. So I took the morning after pill on 21st of Feb, i had unprotected sex again on 24th of Feb but i didn't take an emergency pill, i bled for 4 days 1st - 4th of march. Now I dunno what's wrong, I've been feeling nauseous, my breasts are so full but doesn't hurt though, loss of appetite, so weak, headache, whenever I eat something little I feel bloated. just don't know What's wrong. could I possibly be pregnant?

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  • These don't sound like typical pregnancy symptoms. And if you had a period this month then it's not very likely you're pregnant. Loss of appetite is usually uncommon as it's normally the exact opposite. The only reason you'd go off food is because of the smell and that's only certain foods. Swollen breasts are a symptom but it's really tough to tell. I'd say it's quite unlikely you're pregnant. You usually tend to ovulate 14-16 days into your cycle so you could work it out from when your previous period was. Unfortunately I can't provide much advice on the matter. Except that for months every month I kept thinking I was pregnant when I wasn't. Then I actually fell pregnant and I had no doubt about it whatsoever. The best thing to do is to monitor your symptoms and to wait for your next period

  • Thank you so much camz..... I'm just gonna monitor my symptoms and wait for my next period....

  • Hi There,

    The only way to know for sure is to do a pregnancy test. If the last time you had unprotected sex was 3 weeks ago a pregnancy test would be accurate. I would do a test and take it from there, especially if your symptoms are still happening.

    Best wishes


  • I hope you have got an answer by doing a test but you can have periods when pregnant the first two months of my current pregnancy I had light bleeding on the weeks that my period was due so wouldn't be impossible as I'm now 25 weeks pregnant x

  • Yea I did a test, and it came out negative...

    Thanks @ Mummy_to_be

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