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What are my chances of conceiving naturally if husband's sperm motility is low

I and my husband have been trying for our first baby for about a year. I am 36 and he is 39. After going through some initial tests my ovulation seems to be normal and I don't have any infections or other health problems. However, my husbands first tests have shown poor sperm motility (A + B =15%), but normal sperm count and other indicators. He is due for another test to confirm the accuracy of the result in 3 weeks. My questions is, whether and how likely it is for me to get preganant naturally if sperm motility is low. I would appreciate answers based on experience and facts. Many thanks.

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I am 20 weeks pregnant with our second baby, my first is 3 years old and perfect in every way. My husband's sperm was tested in 2011 as we had then been trying for a baby for a year with no success. His sperm results were low on motility and morphology and the doctor told us that there was less than a 20 percent chance of falling pregnant naturally and suggested Intrauterine insemination (IUI). We carried on trying naturally for another year during which time we stopped smoking, drinking, cleaned up our diets and he took a vitamin supplement containing amino acids, arginine, vitamin E, selenium as well a a B complex and anti-oxidants (Staminogro). A year later we were pregnant with our first with a very easy pregnancy. I'll admit that we didn't do any of the above with our second as he is a happy mistake, so I'm not sure any of what we did really helped. My point to all of this is don't lose hope, we had very dark days and although it happened later than we wanted, we will soon have the family that we planned. That said, if you are open to it (my husband wasn't), use medical technology to increase your chances and keep positive. IUI is not terribly invasive and may be the answer for you. Good Luck xx

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Thank you for your response. We are yet to explore the options and we haven't really consulted a fertility specialist as we're waiting for the second results, but what you have said sounds really positive. All the best to you!


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