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Hi, I went to triage at the local hospital on Thursday night because I have chronic pain in my lower abdomen when walking home from work.

Got seen by a dr who said that I have Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) does anyone else have/had it on here that can offer advise re day to day life, birth etc. I am currently 25+6 weeks pregnant.

I don't want to make it worse & cause myself even more discomfort.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Leah!

I am 22 weeks pregnant and I like walking and every other day I go for a 4-6 miles. If I walk too fast (tryig to catch up with my partner) I start to feel discomfort pain on my right side lower down. Then we walk slower, I caress the baby and have a chat with him, and it goes away. Wonder if I got the same as you or is your pain just very persistent? Thanks!x


Hi Chris,

SPD is pain at the back and front of the pelvis.

If I put pressie on my pubis it hurts ALOT!

I don't really get much pain in my sides so not sure whether it's similar or not.

If you are worried though I'd speak to your midwife x

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Thank you for your reply! Sounds like I have a different pain than you- I forget that I am pregnant and continue walking the same speed as before and baby makes it notice and reminds me to slow down (as our walking is half running)

I hope the pain will go away and you'll feel better!x


I had SPD with this last pregnancy my son is nearly 2 weeks old, Pillows to support legs and hips while in bed, try not to do anything that separates your legs too much as that moves pelvis further apart.

Ask to be reffered for physio some hospitals you can refer yourself. I didnt get seen till 35 weeks so not much they could do by that point other than painkillers.

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Hi I've been referred for physio. Not sure how long that will take tho.

Did you have a vaginal birth with your SPD or a c-section?


Normal birth. They will only do a section cos of spd if you end up that bad that you can't safely deliver vaginally and thats at the discretion of the consultant. I didn't have any complications with my spd you just need to make sure you know howhat far you can move your legs apart before it gets painful and make sure that when you are in labour midwives know you have spd. My symptoms cleared up pretty much right away only problem I have now is the muscles need a bit of strengthening to get back to their normal level buto physio will give you exercises for during pregnancy and after that. I hit the point I could only just manage the five minutes walk to school and then same back for school runs but labouring was fine.


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