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Nausea at 12 weeks

I've had no nausea or sickness since I found out I was pregnant. I'm now 12 weeks and feeling nauseous. My sense of smell heightened at 10 weeks and I tend to smell things first at work and home before others. Now I can't help but feel nauseous at the smell of my partner. Not good I know. And I was reading an article that had a piece of raw chicken on the page and just brought on a huge feeling of sickness. I hope it's a short lived thing and doesn't persist the remainder of my pregnancy. I have experienced morning sickness from the off with both my girls. Any advice?? . At work it can't be helped as I work in the health care professionals. My partner thinks I'm being daft as he can't smell what I can.

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My partner thought I was faking my sickness - men are such a let down when we need their support so much... 😢

My nausea stopped at week 16 and hope that soon you'll get better too! (though now week 21 and still don't enjoy all smells, foods, perfumes) have been off chicken meat since pregnant.

Get better!x


Hi Chris I agree with u on that one. Unless they go through it they will never full understand. I don't really eat chicken as it is. But no adversions to food yet apart from the thought of the raw chicken this morning. So luckily can cook for the girls. x

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