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Possibly pregnant or something is wrong cause of weird period for two months

Well I hope this group works better then NCT cause those people didn't know what they were talking about and were not helpful or reading correctly what I was saying. Okay here's my problem, My period has always been 5-6 days since I was 12 about 3 months ago I had unprotected sex on like the 3 day of my period in which my husband ejaculated in me. The next day my period stopped. For the next 2 months my period has lasted only 3 days starting with a brown discharge, going red the next then stopping the next day. I have always used about half or more of a 36 box of tampons but have been only using about 7. I have taken a pregnancy test around both periods and they were negetive. If anyone knows what's going on or has the same problem and can help me I will be so grateful. And no I don't have a GP or enough money right now to afford a doctor visit that's why I'm on here.

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Hi There,

A pregnancy test is accurate 3 weeks after last sex, or if a period is late, lighter, shorter or doesn't come at all. Make sure you use the first pee of the day as it's the strongest. The test can be the inexpensive ones from say the pound shop, as they are just as accurate. It does sound as though the test should be accurate at this point. Unexplained bleeding should always be checked out, do you have a contraceptive/sexual health clinic near you that you could attend instead of a GP? As they can look at dates, your health history and do a PT with you. Seeing a healthcare professional if you can would best.

Best Wishes



Thanks so much I'll do both think I was testing too early with the pregnancy tests and I'll look into a pregnancy clinic


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