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Back pain and pelvic pain

So I am 29 weeks and 5 days pregnant and I have been experiencing severe lower back pain on my right side. I've also noticed some pain in my pelvic region when I stand up. I'm leaning towards sciatica pain but I just want to be certain. Also, how would I get rid of the pain since I have a highly physical job? Also when is the best time to stop working so I can finish my pregnancy safely??

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I am afraid that this is probably whats known as Pelvic girdle PAin (PGP) or (SPD) Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. It's caused by hormones relaxing the muscles and ligaments in your pelvis. You need to ask your midwife to refer you to physio but unfortunately untill birth there is no way to get rid of it. I started at 22 weeks with it and been at physio today (im 37 weeks on thursday) They can give you excercises and ways of doing things that will help allieviate pain and strengthen your muscles but there is no definate get rid of. Your doctor cn prescribe you codiene if you really need it.

You need to talk to your boss about what you can and cant do and they should make allowances for you. You can work up till your due date if you feel up to it, theres no point that you should finish working some women work right until they go into labour.

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