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Am I getting closer? .. I hope so!


Hi. This is my 3rd pregnancy I'm 32 + 3 weeks today! I normally get induced around 37 weeks as I get preeclampsia and have already been diagnosed mild preeclamptic but they are keeping an eye on things. I never got chance to really experience the signs leading up to labour with the other two because I was induced. But I've been having some symptoms and wasn't sure if this could mean something or what.

Sorry for TMI but I keep pooping! It's literally like my body is clearing itself out! Everytime I go for a wee I end up pooping!

I didn't notice at first but everyone keeps saying my bump has dropped. It's as though baby is lying on my knee when I'm sat down! Her movements have gone alot lower than they ever have and I've been getting pain in my pelvis at the front. Midwife says she's engaging but because it's my 3rd she's popping back out again.

I had some discharge the other night mucus like but with small streaks of blood nothint to rush to the hospital about so I haven't mentioned it to the midwife or anything.

Like I said I've never really had symptoms thst labour could be near before I always was just full on labour once they started the induction so feels weird I'm experiencing all this but never really did with the others. I dilated 2cm at 36 weeks with my first but my 2nd my cervix stretched to 3cm at 37weeks but was closed otherwise. Both times the induction worked by the 1st propess. I feel different I can't explain it but I feel like I need to clean my house ready for baby and I feel lik3 something is coming and I can't explain it. Lol I probably sound crazy! I'd like baby to hang on a few weeks abit early yet but it's always nice to know things might be getting ready for her arrival!

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Hi There,

I would be guided by your midwife, as if they are concerned about you she will be checking you regularly. They will also help you make plans if you are able to have a "normal labour". Try to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy any concerns go straight to your midwife. good luck, hope all goes well.

Best Wishes


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