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Discharge at 33 weeks

Probably tmi here but im 33 weeks and today ive had snot like white discharge when i wiped im not sure if im leaking AF or if im just leaking urine. i have severe spd and have been getting severe braxton hicks i was in hospital at the weekend but they said i wasnt in labour. is that snot like discharge part of my plug. baby is very low and has dropped in last week or so

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Could be part of plug. When I passed mine with my first two it was a big old bloody gooey blob.

They told me if only part of plug was gone it was no indication of imminent labor.

Try not to worry too much hun levels of discharge and frequency consistency etc so it's tricky really to know what it is xxx


Happened second day in a row today, had it while in hospital on weekend but they said as id had an internal exam it was likely that had displaced it. Just asking as with my first it came away in all in one go not long before my waters broke.


Yes same here mine came out in one big lot, and my waters went. I guess if you have had had two big amounts even if if it were over two days it might Be worth checking out. As your only 33 weeks aren't you. They could at least check your cervix is still closed and you have some plug left. I've read about ladies who've had partial plug losses and just carried on as normal to the end. If you worried Hun check it out 😊 Xxxx


Hi There,

It would be best to check with the hospital or midwife. It's important to know what is leaking to keep you and baby safe. They will be able to test the fluid to find out what's happening. As things have changed since last week, run things past your midwife so they can check things again if they are concerned.

Best Wishes



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