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Positive pregnancy test, then 4 negative

Hi I'm so confused and could really do with some advice. I'm 31 and already a mother to 3 other children my eldest being 13. I took a preganancy test last week because I had been feeling tired and generally feeling quite pregnant, to my shock it was positive although the test line was slightly faint in comparison to the control line. Anyway I decided to take some more tests as I wasn't convinced and the four I've taken since have all been negative. Then last night I started bleeding but very light compared to normal and then the bleeding stopped this morning. I'm getting the odd pains in my stomach but confused because I thought normally if you get a positive test that tends to be that your pregnant. I don't know whether I am or not and really could do with some advice thank you

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Go see your dr though its possible it was a very early miscarriage. my dr told me it happens all time as people just think its a.late period without any major signs of a miscarriage


I've only had spotting and no actual bleed I normally bleed really heavily and haven't bled at all really. I've read up on implantation bleeding and wondering if it could be that now as I stopped spotting after one day


If you're really early then you maybe used a stronger concentration of urine and got a positive but not so concentrated with the other tests. My doctor got negative results when I kept getting positives at home but I'd been really unwell with a virus so was really dehydrated so when I took my tests they were all positive but I was only 3 weeks. When she tested I'd drank more and wasn't so concentrated so maybe try a clear blue early test they always worked for me. Or try gp get blood test especially if you've had some bleeding. I know my hospital has changed its routine and GPS have to refer you to the early pregnancy unit if you don't use A&E so it's abit of a pain but most GPS would refer you if you've experienced pain and bleeding. Hope all goes well for you.


Hi there

I would suggest booking an appointment with you GP and taking another pregnancy test with them.

Best wishes



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