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hi need some advice on what to do here. Me n hubby have been ttc for 2yrs now for our first child. I am currently two weeeks late for my period. I have done two tests both showing negative, one when I was a week overdue and then a second yesterday (so at two weeks). I have been feeling sick and slightly dizzy, had that metallic taste in my mouth and i have been put off foods which I really enjoy. All obviously sound like pregnancy symptoms but with the negative results I'm really confused. I have missed my period once before which dr says is because i didnt ovulate, however this time I'm sure I did. Me n Hubby have also just coms back from a month holiday where it was just us two. Stress free. I was supposed to start a week before we returned so I'm really confused about whats going on. I know chances are the negatives are true but just wondering if anyone else has been through something similar?? I have an appointment with my dr coming but any advice would be highly appreciated.

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  • I missed my period for more than a week last time and my doctor asked me if I have travelled to different counties recently. And that was exactly happened to me.

  • So it could be down to the traveling. Would have thought a stress free holiday was what I needed after 2yrs of trying lol. Did you completely miss the period then or did it just come late? Also did you get all these symptoms as well? Its really confusing. Why get pregnancy symptoms when your not pregnant?

    Any way thanks a lot for your reply. 😊

  • It was just late. I was trying to get pregnant too. That's why I feel those pregnancy symptoms.

  • I'd give it another week and test again. I went on holiday to egypt and missed my period and tested when I got home due to terrible sickness and tummy and it came back negative. Thought it was a tummy bug. Sickness went on for weeks so took another test and finally at 6/7 weeks pregnant I got a positive. Don't give up Hope! I'm now 40+5 weeks and waiting for little one to show up. Good luck x

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