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Question re thyroid medication. ( I'm 22wks pregnant)

Hi, I have an over active thyroid and have been takin propylitharicil for 2 years. ( they put me on this as I was having ivf and planning a pregnancy.) I've been on the lowest dose now 50mg a day for the past 12 months .

I'm now 22 weeks pregnant and yesterday the endocrinologist said he wants to change my medication to carbimazole , as he said they normally only keep people on the propylitharicil for up to a year and half , as it could cause liver damage to me .

He then said that the new drug he wanted to put me on has a 2 in 100 chance of causing birth defects to my baby but that it was rare.

I'm now really worried ,so I haven't started the new Med , - and I'm going to continue with my old med.

Has anyone had experience of using these mess in pregnancy ?? Thanks .

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Hi there

It is really best to be guided by healthcare professionals, or chat it through with your midwife. Or check out his really useful site which talks about all medicines in pregnancy :

I hope this helps

Best wishes



Hello, go to the forum search on this site and just type in

There's loads of pregnant women in on there under endo care and I've got Hashimotos (underactive) and I've peppered them all with thyroid pregnancy medication questions all the way through this. We're 28 weeks today. Pop over to us it's a wealth of info 😊


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