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Zika Virus and trying for a baby (testing?)

My wife and I went to our local GP yesterday for information regarding the Zika virus, in regards to trying for a baby. And we were told "you should just google it", yes, you read that right and no I'm not joking!

We visited mexico in July and whilst we had no significant symptoms of zika, we were bitten a few times each (we did use DEET).

Following this trip, we were planning on waiting the previously advised 8 weeks before trying for a baby. However we see this has now been changed by WHO to 6 months.

Has anyone any better advice, specifically too if there is any testing available to us. We would be willing to pay if we could be confident in the testing (weve seen websites offering testing, but we have no idea if they are to be trusted).

Thank you.

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Hi David

This is a helpful document

The 6 months applies to those who have had an illness compatible with a Zika diagnosis, otherwise the advice is to wait 8 weeks.

We do not know if the test that the NHS uses is available privately, I'm afraid, but there is advice about testing in the document linked.

I do hope this helps and best wishes



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