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Weight gain in pregnancy

Hi, before I was pregnant my bmi was at 30 which I know was the top end of the scale . I'm nearly 4 months pregnant and my bmi has now crept up to 33 and I've put on nearly 11 pounds!! I don't think I'm overeating.

Was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to loose a few pounds ( obviously I know it's not good to diet during pregnancy ) but if anyone has any tips , I'm just concious that I'm only 4 months and fined I've already put on weight what am I going to be like in the nxt 4 months .

Just feeling really fed up about it at the moment .

Thank you x

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Hi hun what sorts of foods are you eating? Did u find you put the weight on in the last month (in your 2nd trimester) or from the start? X


Hi, I've noticed over the last 3 weeks ( I'm 14 wk + 1 day today) I tend to have cereal or muesli for brekie, lunch I've been having a sandwich or some pasta then diner is chilli or chicken with veg . I try to snack on fruit . I used to make a smoothie of avocado fat free yoga ft some seeds of some sort and banana and spinach , but when I was first pregnant I totally went off this . Maybe I'll try that again for lunch . How r u xx


I'm 11wks 3 days and have PCOS so have taken metformin during ivf and will do until 12wks. I think that's helped me keep the weight down as so far have only put on 2lbs. I also have been following a nutritionist's meal plan. So lots of homemade soups and veg laden meals... Lots of lean protein and minimal bread and sugar. Porridge or yogurt, fruit and homemade granola (Google zita west granola for a low sugar option). I found a calculator online that tells you how much you should expect to put on (its not exact) depending on how much you already weigh. The ivf made me put a stone on because of ohss but I since lost most of that and have just this week noticed 2lb have gone on during pregnancy. I would try not to worry too much and make sure you keep up a healthy diet and lots of exercise. Swimming is meant to be one of the best, walking and yoga. Dont do any dieting though.

Hope it calms down a bit for you. Xx

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In some areas the hospital will give out Slimming World vouchers for those with a higher BMI. Worth asking your midwife, since the plan is healthy for pregnant ladies.


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