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I'm about 8 weeks pregnant and had all the symptoms, from morning (all day) sickness, down to tender boobs.

Over the past couple of days, I've had no pregnancy symptoms. I've not wanted to be sick, I've had a sharp pain in my stomach which lasted about 5 mins. I haven't lost any blood though. My boobs still feel a bit tender to touch but I'm just worried something has happened. I don't have my scan until 18th August, which is a while to wait yet. Could anybody give me some advice please


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Hi Hun, the best thing to do is rest and not panic. You can take another pregnancy test to be sure. but even if you do have spotting, some people get it around that time. I had it at 7 weeks and was devastated, but because of where it happened my baby was fine. Also, as you finish your 1st trimester you'll likely feel better and have more energy so just because you don't feel sick isn't a reason to worry. The pain in your stomach is definitely something to get checked out though, especially if it happens again. Keep us updated, hope you're okay xx


there is no point in taking another pregnancy test to confirm your still pregnant as hcg will still be present for at least a few weeks after mc, I wouldn't worry over much as you are nearing the second trimester and woman do usually feel better, however if your in doubt its always good to set your mind at rest as worrying is no good for you or baby, I would suggest you either speak to midwife or GP


You can always contact your midwife and if she had any concerns she will send you to epc. And get you checked over I'm sure all is fine


Hi there

Try not to worry, some women do find that the sickness feeling does get better as the pregnancy progresses and the hormone levels settle. Pains can also be caused by the effect of the hormones, as they soften ligaments in the pelvis.

This is a great site for help and information:

If you continue to experience bad pains go and see your GP.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes



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