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No period, negative results !

Wonder if someone can give me some advise or put my mind to rest..

My last period was 26th May for 3 days... so my period is 10/11 days late.... I'm convinced I'm early stages of pregnancy.. but I've had 4 negative home tests :-(

my periods are normally on time, and are very heavy )

I saw my doctor yesterday who sent me for bloods this morning to check my hormones etc.. ( as I'm 37 ) I won't get any results back for a week.

Pregnancy early signs are all there, except the positive home test.

I've also got quiet a lot of dull pain on my right side..

Is it possible to be pregnant with a negative result ?

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Hi! I'm so glad I read this post as I am in the same position! My last period was 30th may and all the tests so far have been negative. I called my doctors and they didn't help. I am currently on a waiting list to have ivf but did have iui when I found out it failed. I am waiting to start again so I can start my treatment again. But I am hoping I conceived naturally. I am 29 years old and have always had regular periods and now this is the first time I have missed a month. I had cramps and was having a sick feeling last week and have been getting headaches like every day.

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