hello, my boyfriend and i decided i should start taking oral contraceptives. my friend recommended nordette which is very effective and prevents pregnancy. i read about it on the internet and it said if i missed a day i could get pregnant. but my question is that lets say i abstain from sex for 2 weeks whilst taking the pill, then i decide to stop, does that mean i will get pregnant even after i stop having sex completely?

please help. i want to be fully aware of what im getting myself into.

thank you

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  • With all contraceptive pills if you miss one and then have sex you can get pregnant. However you can't get pregnant unless you have sex.

    You should arrange a doctors appointment or an appointment with a contraceptive clinic to discuss what pill will suit you best as the doctor will have better knowledge of the pills available. You will then also be able to go through what to do if you miss a pill (with mine if I missed a pill I have to use condoms or not have sex for the next 7 days )

  • thank you so much for that. that was really helpful, really helpful. so after the 7 days you'd have to start a new pack ay.

  • Hi there

    Nordette is a combined pill, which has 21 active pills and 7 non-active pills. Whilst on the non-active pills you would have a period like “withdrawal bleed”, but are still covered contraceptively as long as the 7 days are not exceeded, and you have taken all pills on time. To prevent pregnancy it is better to take them consistently as stopping and starting them would become confusing and they would not be working properly. Because you need to have taken 7 pills before they start working (if you don’t start them on the 1st day of your period). It would be a good idea to talk it through with your GP or at a local contraceptive clinic so they can find a pill that is right for you.

    I hope that helps.

    Best wishes


  • so the first non-active pill will be taken on the first day of my period?

  • Hi there

    No, the first 21 days of pills are active (I believe they are white)so need to be started on the 1st day of your period (when you first commence this new pill) to work straight away, then (in the UK, for most combined pills, you would have 7 pill free days where a “period” would happen), but I believe Nordette has 7 red (inactive) pills where you will have your withdrawal “period” bleed.

    When you go to the doctors or clinic all of this would be explained clearly to you by the nurse or doctor that prescribes this, if they feel this is a suitable pill for you and your medical history.

    I hope this helps

    Best wishes


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