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I feel pregnant but have negative test results

Hi um I have sex with my boyfriend at the beginning of January but I made him stop because it was unprotected. I have very unregular and heavy periods and my last period started on the 7 the march but it was lighter than usual. I now have migraines all the time, weigh gain, tired all the time, more sensitive boobs and more symptoms but when I took the tests earlier this week they were negative. Could I still be pregnant ?

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Hi there

If you were testing for the unprotected sex that you had in January then the negative result would be true. However, if you have had any unprotected sex in the last 3 weeks, then you would be testing too early. If your April period is late or shorter than usual, then test again and it might be an idea to go and speak to your GP or pop into your local contraceptive and sexual health clinic ( and go through dates and maybe test with them.

I hope this helps

Best wishes



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