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Can i get pregnant?

good night everybody,

Im pretty new in that and something happened to me, because i dont have sex relation so many times.

tonight i had sex relation with a friend, protected with condom, but the condom got inside and all the sperm was inside me as well...a bad accident honestly and im very scared. I didnt find a pharmacy at night time to buy the morning after pill, cos i have pacnic right no.

My period should come in that week or next one...and the question is if i take tomorrow morning the pill will work, or i dont have time, or what shall i do??

thanks for your attention, and would be nice if i get a response asap.

million thanks,

maria melrose

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Hi Maria,

If you want to avoid pregnancy, you should definitely take some form of emergency contraception. While we often call it ‘the morning-after pill’ there are different methods which can work up to 5 days after having sex, so you still have time.

If you are able to, you could pop down to your GPs or local family planning clinic to get a free prescription for the emergency contraception pill (morning after pill). You can find you nearest sexual health clinic here and it might be worth ringing before you go there to check about opening times etc:

There are two types of the morning after pill - Levonelle, which must be taken within 72 hours after having unprotected sex and you can buy from pharmacies for around £25, and ellaOne, which you need to get a prescription for but can take up to 120 hours after. However, any form of emergency contraception is more effective the earlier you take it.

You can also have an IUD, sometimes called a coil, fitted up to 120 hours later. The coil acts as emergency contraception and will also protect you against unplanned pregnancy for 5-10 years which may be suitable if you are looking for a longer term method of contraception.

I hope this helps. As I mentioned, the sooner you take emergency contraception the more effective it is, so if you are able to go to your GP / sexual health clinic, or pharmacy sooner rather than later that would be for the best.

Best wishes,



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