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Advice needed

Ladies I need some advice? I have been feeling pregnant for the last 3 weeks with constant headaches every day, lower back pain, milky discharge, sore boobs, sensitive nipples, and a missed period! I took a clearblue test Saturday night which shown pregnant 1-2 weeks, then Monday I took another which shown negative! I took another one first thing this morning which was also negative! However I've now started bleeding very heavily? Can anyone tell me what's happening or am I having a miss carriage :(

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Hi Zoe,

Sadly there is a possibility that you may have miscarried. Our nurse says the only way to know would be to go via A + E or an early pregnancy unit to have beta HCG blood tests to definitely confirm a miscarriage, or if you are worried you should access your GP for further advice. If you find the heavy bleeding continues she recommends you go to A + E.

I really hope this helps.

Best wishes,



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