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Rib pain

Because of loss of height(4 inches) my rib is now rubbing on the tip of my hip bone. It gives me incredible pain. I’ve been told that there is surgery that can be done. I’m assuming that would be removal of a rib? Is this something that anyone has heard of? Appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks

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Everything is always interesting to follow up (and then try and work out if it's the right thing for you!) I hadn't heard of anything like this so will follow to see if you get any helpful tips. Good luck with your search. I have also lost height 4" in one go. Has any one offered you a soft or hard spinal brace, to help support what's left?

Posy White


I'm afraid I haven't heard of that. Could be quite complicated as the ribs are attached to the spine. I am very sorry you are suffering like that. Is my big fear as I have already lost 2 inches.


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