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Waiting to see a lung specialist

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10 weeks after being referred to a lung specialist I am still waiting for an appointment - I was told it would be a long wait but as a way of reassurance I was also told that when people do see a specialist - treatment then starts very quickly !!! It did not reassure me I want some treatment now !!! I just feel I am getting worse - keep losing my voice and feeling hoarse a lot more now - I think this may be different depending on where you live - I am in Essex and have read somewhere that it is not the preferred place for many specialists

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I'm a little confused as t why you are posting about lung problems on a forum for Osteoporosis. Do you have Osteoporosis?

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Yes I do but while being checked after MRI - they then said thought I have emphysemia. And would need to see a lung specialist - I could not have a Dexa scan as I am 83 and they do not do people over 75 !!! But doctor said as I had lost 2.5 inches in height and had a cracked vertebrae the diagnosis was obvious but there is no treatment and no help or advice and no physiotherapy - basically I am on my own - I read that exercise is good so I joined a gym and try to go 3 times a week - can only use the treadmill and bicycle at first

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What a horrible predicament to be in, and well done you for doing what you can. Have yu tried to get an appointment in another area - perhaps in London. I did, and the crazy thing is the NHS even provided hospital transport for me to get there from my area. Otherwise, have you thought of getting a private appointment? You would have to pay, but at least you will see someone. Good luck.

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Hi I sympathise with your situation I to live in Essex and it certainly isn't easy to get appointment at Basildon hospital have you heard of choose and book GP doesn't usually tell you but you can ask to see someone at a private hospital try to find a good lung consultant near where you live then ask to see them under the chooses and book system and you usually see them at the local private hospital good luck it is usually quicker

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I have now seen the manager at my surgery about my lung appointment. - who has messaged my doctor and asked him to make my appointment urgent - I have waited now for 15 weeks and she agreed this is not good

For my Osteo - I keep reading on here that people are having Physio or seeing a specialist and some seem to be having injections - I would welcome any feedback

I have appointment with doctor this morning and I am making a list of my disappointment with the way I am being treated - I even paid 4.50 for a book in the chemists on Osteoporosis to see if there was anything helpful in that - but even that talks about discus things with your specialist but I have not seen one !!!

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