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How did osteoporosis go from a rare disease to an ‘epidemic’ that strikes fear into every middle-aged woman in America? One word: Merck


The concept of peak bone mass has been oversimplified.” Peak bone mass can vary as much as 100% in women of the same age from different cultures. And peak bone mass seems to have minimal effect on fracture risk: for instance, Asian women have a lower bone mass than Western women, but a lower fracture rate. Differences in ethnicity, diet, exercise, onset of puberty, and lifestyle make peak bone mass a very individual characteristic, hard to quantify—and not a good measure of bone health.

Nevertheless, once considered a rare disease associated with old ladies with a “dowagers hump,” osteoporosis has now become an epidemic with “experts” warning that half of all post-menopausal women are at risk.

How did osteoporosis go from a rare but serious disease to an epidemic that strikes fear into every middle-aged woman in America? One word: Merck.”

Take a look at the article ladies. There needs to be a shot of circumspection in the midst of all of this scaremongering. We deserve better than this railroading. It is our lives and our health.

The article:

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Excellent article - spot on.

Nowadays what age is 'elderly'? It makes me laugh when 60 is described in that category👇 Not a Spring Chicken but no way Elderly😱

I read this on the PMR/GCA forum courtesy of HeronNS. Thank you very much for bringing it to our attention. I have both PMR and GCA and take prednisolone (currently 10 mg per day). I have osteoporosis and of course the steroids might make this worse. I like my rheumatologist very much except for the fact that she insists that I need some form of bisphosphonate, and I don't want to take it. I took Allendronic Acid twice and it burned me appallingly. I was then booked for an intravenous infusion but I read enough to find it alarming so cancelled the appointment. I was then prescribed Risendronate sodium which again I took for 2 weeks. I didn't have the harsh side effects but wasn't comfortable with it, so stopped. I'm determined not to put this very dubious medication in my system.

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If you want to go the natural route for building bone, take a look at AlgaeCal. From what I’ve read so far, it looks promising, and a whole lot less scary. Studies are proving it as effective as the scary drugs. Google it. I am making my own plant based calcium supplement from stinging nettle and oatstraw infusions, but I ‘ve been looking at AlgaeCal as a source that is less time involved. Worth a look anyway.

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Thanks very much for this tip. I'll certainly look into it.

Thanks, MiaLee...great article..I posted it on my Facebook page. I refuse to take any of the awful bone meds...

Good for you sweetsusie! I think the word has to get out there; women are being railroaded byBig Pharma.


I sort of disagree. MRK, AMGN, etc. all answered a problem that we as men and women in the 2000's created. You didn't hear about OP 100 years ago, or ever 1000 years ago. WHY? Because people were working, moving, walking in one way or the other almost all day. Now, we sit in an office on a computer, sometimes 8 hrs. a day, many of us do not even go to a gym at all, and do little walking or weight bearing exercises. When we get home we are on our phones or watching TV.

Yes, those companies saw an opportunity to increase their shareholder value by creating drugs that they thought would sound like the "easy answer" to a generation looking for easy answers. If you go for a check up at age 30, does ANY physician tell you how important physical activity and weight training is for your future? NO.

WE are responsible for getting ourselves into this mess, and now we are responsible not only for fixing US, but also to pass along to our children lessons learned.

No different than smoking causes COPD, inactivity weakens bones. I would love to see a class action suit against these companies that produce this poison, but we also need to accept responsibility, and work to make our bones stronger through exercise and diet. It is never to late.

Mia, Do your due diligence on AlgaeCal. That's all I have to say.


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