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Broken wrist


My 11year old son broke his wrist 2 days ago and was fitted with a splint. I informed the school he wasn't to write due to the break being in the dominant arm. He has came home and said teacher said he needs to write but this is pa I ful and uncomfortable for him. Does anybody know if he should be testing it completely or if he should continue to write.

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Hi there,

I would advise that you call your doctor or the hospital, or whoever fitted the splint and ask their advice. If your son should not be using the wrist then a letter should be written to the school explaining the situation and stating for how long this should be for.

I hope that helps. It is difficult for you being "piggy in the middle" between what the teacher is saying who is not medically trained and the information you have been given via a medic about your son's wrist.

I agree with Kaarina, having experienced a broken wrist myself this year.

It's not up to his teacher to decide, I couldn't write for months and had to try with my left hand ( writing looked like a 5 yr old's and took ages) so to attempt it only 2 days later seems unreasonable to me. Although I had a cast not a splint so a bit different!

I'd contact your doctor for their advice and then relate this to his teacher, but the bottom line is how your son feels and as you say it's painful and uncomfortable for him then your combined decision takes precedence.

I hope your wee boy feels better soon.

There is no way I could have even held a pen when I broke my wrists. I think the teacher is being unreasonable. Could the teacher give him printed notes about anything important, for the short term? Speak to his doctor for advice.

Best wishes

I would ASAP get a letter from your physician as to whether or not that is wise. He is young, and causing permanent damage due to a silly rule from a school is unwarranted. I am not a Dr., so I don't know,, but it seems a arbitrary decision by the school.

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